Betty Dee: B. 1945, former probation officer and farm wife, Wichita native. Has had eight husbands; all but one are believed dead. Hoards canned food and coins, has at least one scar from a bullet, hates reading. Taurus, drives blue Dodge pickup, skeptical of organic-food prices.
Betty Jean: B. 1962, Betty’s daughter, former realtor whose beauty and gin-fueled escapades are legend in Wichita drinking establishments. Has gone by “Jeannie” whole life in spite of legal name, creating confusion in mail-forwarding and divorce proceedings. Aries, gifted decorator, wears high heels under inappropriate circumstances. Tormented by knowledge that somewhere a cat is starving and cold.
Sarah Jean: B. 1980, Jeannie’s daughter, writer. Lived on Grandma Betty’s farm in southern Kansas for most of upbringing. First job following graduation from Ivy League was bartending at a roadhouse. Leo, has too many cowboy boots and unfortunate lifelong proclivity for sensing other people’s deepest emotions.
All three are animal lovers, garage-sale enthusiasts, former fiscal conservatives, former Catholics and at least slightly psychic.