Purification rituals

Betty enters kitchen in morning. (Note: After smoking heavily for more than 50 years, she quit on Oct. 2, 2012.)

Betty: I wanted a cigarette so bad yesterday.

Sarah: You didn’t smoke, did you?

Betty: No. But I thought about it very hard.

Sarah: I’m so glad you didn’t do it.  That’s amazing. You’re stronger than most people.

Later the same day, Sarah’s younger brother, Matt, recently has left after coming over to do several loads of laundry. And one of Sarah’s very closest friends has just left after the two women discussed energetic balance and boundary-setting for highly sensitive people while drinking organic kombucha from wine glasses. Betty walks through the front door.

Betty: It smells like cigarettes in here.

Sarah:  It’s sage. ::worries she’s triggered Betty’s addiction, though sage smells nothing like tobacco::

Betty: It smells like tobacco.

Sarah: I just burned sage.

Betty: So did you do like a spirit-clearing for the house or something?

Sarah: I burned it after Matt left.