Thoroughly modern grandma

At neighbor’s house for dinner

Sarah: [looking at bookshelf] Oh, you have The Chaperone! How did you like it?

Neighbor: Loved it.

Sarah: Oh, that’s right, I saw you at Moriarty’s reading. She talked about–

Neighbor: That was a great reading.

Sarah: Totally great. Something I end up talking a lot about when teaching is the subjective line between nonfiction and fiction, and even though the book clearly is a work of fiction, I thought it was so interesting how [Betty’s eyes begin glazing over in boredom] she based Louise Brooks on rigorous research and yet the chaperone character, alongside her, there’s next to nothing known of her, so she’s a work of pure imagination in most ways, and the book is kind of a marrying of those two processes. And Louise Brooks reminds me of my mom–who, by the way, loves the flapper era!

Neighbor: And me, see, that character reminded me of my grandma!

Sarah: Cool! And of course we’re from around Wichita.

Neighbor: Betty, do you want to borrow it? You’re welcome to!

Betty: I’m not much into books.