Urban cowgirls

Next to fireplace, discussing ideal romantic partners

Sarah: Intelligent, verbal, nurturing, humble, confident, mature, passionate, keeps promises, knows what he wants, understands me, honors me. Kind, honest, generous, wry, witty, has political and spiritual views compatible with mine, knows how to do things with his hands, has a job, has his shit together, healthy, athletic. Shows up. Has some understanding of or interest in country living. Can grow a beard. Oh, a deep voice. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. What would you want?

Betty: Gives good back rubs and is rich.

Sarah: Oh yeah, good shoulder rubs. That’s huge.

Betty: I don’t know that I’d want to be tied down though.

Sarah: Why?

Betty: I’m too old. I’d probably meet some old codger who’d get sick and I’d have to take care of him.

Sarah: I don’t think 67 is old. Anyway, you’re saying he’d be rich. If he got sick you could hire a caretaker and then go spend his money. Do you care whether he’s a farmer-type?

Betty: Yeah, I’d prefer someone country. They’re more down-to-earth and common. They have a work ethic I never saw in any city men.

Sarah: What if Mom were single and moved here, and we were all dating at the same time. It’d make a good reality show. [in cheesy TV-commercial voice] Three generations of women, searching for their mates!

Betty: Looking for love, in all the wrong places.