Why I personally have little use for television

Betty waiting for cable-TV guy to repair service she recently ordered for her bedroom

Betty: I hope they don’t send that same guy again. He wasn’t helpful or friendly. Kind of a dud. Pup has more personality. [to her dog] Don’t you, baby?

Sarah: Yeah. He sucked.

Betty: Kind of reminded me of an ex-con.

Sarah: [obviously recalling that her grandma was a Wichita probation officer who in her youth ran with criminals but asking for fun of it] Have you known a lot of ex-cons?

Betty: Well yeah, that was my job, remember?

Sarah:  Oh yeah.

Betty: When I was a kid, half the people I knew had gone to the joint and come back. I ran with a pretty wild bunch of people. Don’t know why I turned out any different. I guess because I had a baby and knew I had to shape up or ship out.

[police sirens in distance]

Betty: I hear the sirens. They’re after that con.