Betty looked remarkably like Sharon Gless, and when I was little Cagney and Lacey was my favorite show and Betty and Cagney got mixed up in my mind sometimes

Two handwritten items discovered in Mead notebook from late ’70s, when Betty was training with the Wichita police department

(Jeannie’s handwriting)

Please read carefully


If I forfiet my allowance this week can I do something tonight?  This is the only night Heather gets off before 10:00 p.m.  She gets off tonight at 8:00 p.m.  We were going to eat a steak then go see the “Heretic.”  Her mom is going.  Don’t you think losing my allowance is plenty punishment?



P.S. It won’t happen again!

Yes                               No


(Betty’s handwriting)

  1. Drunk (taking into custody)
    1. Take custody of drunk
    2. Frisk, place in veh
    3. 10-15 to D-tocs
    4. 10-23 at D-tocs
    5. Take the drunk in
      1. Wait for arresting off or cut case–paperwork.